Mclaren 570s Sydney Driver Experience

Mclaren 570s
Driver 30 yrs Plus $630.00
Driver 25 yrs to 29 yrs $900.00
Duration 1 Hour 15 mins

Drive Itinerary

Drive a Mclaren 570s? Here is your chance to jump straight into the driver's seat! Our Driver experience runs for a duration of 1 Hour 15 mins and are held mid week only. The driver will be accompanied by one of our professional instructors to ensure their drive is safe and assist with the many functions which are not available in standard cars. Due to the seating capacity of the Mclaren 570s, you should check with us if there is sufficient seating for additional passengers.

The Drive
We depart our office in Mascot and head towards Foreshore Drive where the driver can enjoy more of an open road to experience the potential of the car. We then stop over at La Perouse which provides the perfect photo opportunity. We then head back using the same route. Overall, the total time is approx 1 hour and 15 minutes allowing the driver to drive for a full 1 hour.

You must hold a full unrestricted drivers licence.
NO Bonds required for this event


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